Welcome to Zagreb by Night

There’s that familiar sensation again. The dream, no, the memory on replay. My lungs crushed by the tempestous waves, gurgling and moaning into the abyss as I try to call for help.  Eyes blistered, the salt eating away at my vision, as the pressure expunges reason from my cranial sanctum. To revel in the maritime tune of death, a marionette as I’m beckoned by the merciless force of nature.

As I slowly succumb to the inevitability and warmth of my doom, I find myself on the ship again, coughing like I was breathing fire, struggling to maintain my composure.

Pluck their worried eyeballs out…

Something is different. Is it possible the torment made me this hungry? Why is my hand tracing the blood drops on the floor? Why am I putting it in my mo…mmmm. Mmmmmore.

My family, my father in particular, horrified by my behaviour. Like it wasn’t enough they got other injured people on board, but to find me being this deranged…

‘’Darling, are you…allright?”

Ghhhh why is he so loud? But how can my heartbeat be louder at the same time? Is it even my heartbeat.. No.. The pumping and gushing is theirs… I must have contracted some kind of disease, or this is purely the trauma talking.

And indulge in the endless crimson torrent.


Uhm… did I actually say that right now. By the looks on their faces, I most definitely did.

My mother approached me fearfully.

“Come on sweetie, you’ve been through a lot, we thought we lost you. Lets go to your room to dry you up…”

And the next thing I saw was me standing over her motionless body, soaked anew, but finally satiated.

 This isn’t how it usually plays out. God help me…


I opened my eyes, realized it was probably all a bad dream. As soon as I stood up and tried to scan my surroundings, a woman, alien in her beauty, grotesque in her posture, uttered: “Darling, are you allright?”

And the hunger remained.

Welcome to Zagreb By Night! We’re a vampire larp – a theatrical gaming production where each participant is the audience at the same time. We play a cast of vampire characters, set in an alternate version of Zagreb.

Or to be more specific, we’re a Classic World of Darkness Vampire: the Masquerade larp chronicle headquartered in Zagreb, Croatia. We play using the new By Night Studios Mind’s Eye Theatre rules. Running continuously since summer 2013, we provide a role-playing platform by running small and accessible events almost every week. In a year, twelve major events will take place. And our players will have numerous role-playing opportunities besides the regular events. Plot-wise, we’re also connected with a wider network of Vampire larps called VIC, spread across central Europe.

The organization is non-profit. Our events are either free or at minimum cost for participants to cover for only some of the prop needs, to ensure maximum accessibility. If you’d like to join us, we’re open for new players – join us, come to play and co-create a story with us.

The core of this blog is to introduce new players to our game and aid them in starting up their characters. What’s the story of Camarilla Zagreb? How to make a character? Where are the rulesets? Where to apply? Where are the venues and when are events? That, and much more, will be described on the following pages. Read on…

ZbN Organizer team

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Grand Elysium in April

Camarilla Zagreb’s next Grand Elysium (international friendly) will take place in the Car Museum “Ferdinand Budicki”, the only one of its kind in Croatia, on 09.04.2016. Instead of a castle environment, the kindred of VIC will have the opportunity to both visit a rather unique historical landmark and enjoy the night in the city of Zagreb.

The teaser story regarding the event is the election of the new Seneschal of Zagreb Domain, whereas the proclamation of the aforementioned shall take place on the very same Elysium you are invited to attend.

Meet and greet will be organized on Friday 08.04.2016. in order to get to know other players before the event. The Elysium event will start at 19:00 sharp, and could last until 05:00 (n.b. not necessarily until 05:00, but we will have the place until that time, free to use it as we see fit). The entrance fee is 50 HRK (cca 7€).

Applications for characters shall be open in the beginning of March. The characters from other WoD systems shall be converted into our local system (which is mainly By Night Studios’ MET rulebook, with a couple of homebrew additions and tweaks).

We will keep you posted and informed.
Camarilla prevails,

Matija, Pavle, Goran and Marko

P.S. Link to the museum (Croatian language only, unfortunately, but google translate does a somewhat decent job)

P.S.S. Link to our wiki page:

Official e-mail: camarilla.agram@gmail.com

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[ENG] Last Elysium in December

The last Elysium in December will be held on Monday, 14.12.2015, at the usual place. The game starts at 19:30 sharp.

/org team

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[ENG] Next Elysium

The next Elysium will be held on Wednesday, 9.12.2015, Kinoklub Zagreb, 19:00. Be there or be square!

/org team

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[CRO] Standardizacija Lorea

Dragi svi, završena je napokon standardizacija Lorea koju koristimo unutar ZagrebByNight kampanje.
Odlučeno jest da je službeni Lore koji se koristi onaj iz Vampire The Masquerade Revised knjige jer ovo u ByNights pravilima – u vecini slucajeva nema smisla. U slučaju konflikta ByNights vs, ZbN lore, naš UVIJEK ima prioritet.

Bitni događaji koji su se dogodili.

1. Antediluviani su itekako i dalje babaroge Vampire svijeta. Camarilla ih ne priznaje, to je Hereza, kao i pricanje o Gehenni. Nema slobodnog pricanja o nasim ‘loving fathers.’

2.Gangreli su otišli iz Camarille jer je njihov Justicar Xavier vidio nešto, pa su se ponovo vratili u Camarillu. Justicara nemaju.

3. Assamite Schizma – dogodila se. Postoje Assamiti u Camarilli.

4. Giovanni – štiti ih Promise of 1528., ne postoji Giovanni & Setite alliance – http://whitewolf.wikia.com/wiki/Promise_of_1528

5. Ravnosi – Week of Nightmares se dogodio, Ravana je mrtav iako to nije sluzbeno potvrđeno. Šuška se da je iz nepoznatih razloga, Ravnosa sada puno manje.

6. Red star se pojavio nakratko i nestao. Nitko ne zna sto je bilo. Irelevantan događaj. Gehenna je tamo gdje i jest, bude se dogodila, sutra, preksutra, jedan dan.

7. Justicari od 2015
– Brujah – Jaroslav Pascek
– Gangrel – [vacant]
– Malkavian Carolina Bedelia (Aunt Bedelia, naslijedila Maris Streck koja je pogubljena zbog povezanosti s slave traderima i diableristima u C.Brujah Trilogy)
– Nosferatu – Cock Robin
– Toreador – Audrie Guil
– Tremere – Lotharius (EU lik, Vienna players)
– Ventrue – Lucinde
– Assamite Schismatics Kasim Bayar
8. Sabbat – izgubili su New York od Camarille u Siege of NY storylineu.


/org tim

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[CRO]Jako kratka obavijest vezana uz alt likove

Veoma kratka obavijest, možda je nekima promaklo tokom elizija, ali čisto da se ima na umu:

Što se alt likova tiče, odnosno igrača koji imaju dva lika. Od 1.12. (danas) je dodatna regulativa: Prvi lik s kojim pošaljete influ/dt akcije se automatski računa kao vaš “main” lik za taj mjesec, i on ima svoj normalni broj akcija (npr 3 regularne dt, 2 influ, ili kako već vam je na sheetu). Vaš drugi lik (ili alt ili originalni lik, ovisno s kim šaljete prvime) ima pravo na samo 50% svojih akcija, zaokruženo na dolje (dakle 1/2 od 3 će biti onda 1, a ne 2).

Primjer: Ja odaberem Žaca kao svog primarnog lika, s njime pošaljem dt-ove prvi. Amal mi je sekundarni lik, pa s njime imam samo 1 dt i 1/2 influence akcija koje bi Amal inače imao.

/org tim

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Kvartalni xp!

Dragi igrači,

Neki od vas znaju, neki će tek sad saznati, org tim ima običaj jednom kvartalno (svaka tri mjeseca) dodijeliti igračima dodatan broj XP-ova zarađen iznimno dobrom igrom i roleplayem.

Sistem je slijedeći: U roku iduća 2 tjedna, na mail skupljamo nominacije za igrače za koje vi smatrate da su se posebno iskazali svojom igrom. Na službeni mail nam pošaljite imena do tri osobe (igrača) zaključno do 10.12. Cijenili bismo i kada biste nam dali nekakav razlog zašto nominirate baš tu osobu.

Nakon tog datuma, na grupi će osvanuti poll u kojemu možete dati svoj glas (s jednog accounta, ne s više njih) za do dvije osobe koje mi objavimo kao nominirane (za one koji nemaju facebook, promptno ćemo samo upitati putem maila). U uži krug ne idu svi, već samo oni koji su prethodno za vrijeme inicijalnih nominacija dospijeli na zadnji krug glasanja.
Mailove možete slati već sad, ali 10.12. je zadnji dan za nominiranje. Pravo za biti nominirani imaju biti svi koji su se unutar zadnja tri mjeseca pojavili dovoljno često (na 50% i više evenata). Organizatore ne nominirate, samo igrače.

Službeni mail je: camarilla.agram(a)gmail.com

Primjer maila: Nominacija
1. Nominiram Peru jer…(razlog)
2. Nominiram Juru jer…(razlog)
3. Nominiram Štefa jer… (razlog)
/org tim

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[CRO] Raspored evenata za 11. mjesec

Veliki event 14.11. je otkazan, a umjesto njega će ovaj mjesec u igri biti sve skupa 4 mala eventa. Redom, kalendar događanja je ovakav;

4.11 – ZbN Elysium 22
9.11. – Zbn Elysium 23
18.11 – Zbn Elysium 24
23.11 – Zbn Elysium 25

Svaki elizij nosit će po 3 experience pointa. Idući veliki event je 5.12.

ZbN Org Team

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[CRO] Idući mali i veliki elizij

Dragi Kindredi,

samo kratka obavijest da će se idući mali elizij održati 04.11., a veliki 14.11. u Kinoklubu Zagreb. Isto tako, na wikia stranici sada možete pratiti i aktualne novinske članke vezane uz igru, koji su se prethodno objavljivali isključivo na facebook RP grupi.

ZbN Org Team

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[CRO] Veliki event 31.10., potrebni ukrasi!

Dragi kindredi i ini,

Kako je danas veliki event, planirali smo ga okititi u revijalnom Halloween tonu. U slučaju da imate bilo kakvih ukrasa, lampi, slika, čega god, a da je u temi Halloweena, usrdno vas molimo da iste ponesete da malo nabrijemo atmosferu.


ZbN Org Team

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[CRO] Predavanje o Influence i Downtime akcijama

Dragi kindredi,

U ponedjeljak 26.10., s početkom u 8h u KKZ-u, Org team drži prezentaciju na temu Downtime i Influence akcija – kako funkcioniraju, kako ih prijaviti i kako biti dio sve luđeg živog organizma ZbN-a. Sama prezentacija traje oko pola sata, nakon toga druženje i cuga.
ZbN organizatori

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